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ManyCUES is the innovation platform of Scenario2, an analytics services firm that employs CUES in fast data to align real-time content and enrich big data predictive analytics.

Scenario2 combines analytics CUES to create realtime alerts and analytics to understand the impact of changing business relationships and customer behaviours.

Scenario2 clients include international media and telecommunications corporations, banking anf financial services firms and innovative corporations that serve the Oil and Gas markets.

Scenario2 serves clients in the Americas, EU and the UK.

CUES in FAST DATA create real-time value for marketers, Crowdfunding investors, VCs and their customers.

CUES ‘make memories’ by contrasting metrics to help people self-declare attention and learn faster.

CUES bridge mobile devices, kiosks, stores, social media platforms and corporate web sites to support real-time Events and Exhibitor marketing.

CUES are Fast
Like a radio dial or pre-set buttons, CUES help you quickly find, compare and share.

Our Crazy Skills

Real Time Analytics 100%
Persona Behaviors 70%
Data Center Alerts 90%
Fast Learning 80%
Predictive Scenarios 75%
35% Faster 100%

Nick TrendovManaging Director.